Section B Information

This is the Official listing of Textbooks and information for Section B. If you have any questions, please email   Kellie Dumas or 615.213.7938. For Department of Education inquiries please email Tennessee Textbooks.

ED5099 Report of Local Adoption of Textbooks to State & Waiver
Information on instructions will be released from Textbook Services.

Course Information

Categories on Bid Section B
Approved List of Textbooks - Titles for Section B will be approved by State Board at their October meeting.
Tennessee Book Company Catalog Section B  - Catalog will be released in March of 2023.

Caravan Information
Caravan Registration - Caravan registration is closed.
District Calendar - Districts have been notified of their dates. Publishers should check back to see if updates to the schedule have been made as dates my change. I will update with district schedules as I receive.
District Caravan Template - Do Not submit this form until you have been assigned a caravan date.                                
How to host a successful Caravan - Great information on hosting a caravan stop.

Sample Information
Sample Request District Use - The sample request portal is now closed. If you would like samples for the current math adoption, please reach out directly to the publishers.
Sample Request Publisher Use - Sample Request from districts. Updated weekly.
Digital Samples

Publisher Representative Roster - Listing of contact information for approved publishers will be updated once State Board approves.