Why Tennessee Book Company

In the face of a hectic, fast-paced textbook environment, we offer simplicity and innovation backed by decades of trust and reliability experience.

Make Education Simple

Tennessee Book Company is a single provider with one solitary purpose—creating a clear path to integrating the most useful and relevant physical and digital learning materials into educational ecosystems across the Volunteer State.

For the betterment of students.

For the betterment of institutions.

For the betterment of education.

A Non-restrictive Digital Platform

Through a partnership with VitalSource, we equip educators a central location they can use to offer students open access to the most relevant learning materials, free from publisher platform restrictions.

One platform. One login.

Students read, study, and complete assignments from one location.

More Options at Your Fingertips

Our OER gives you uninhibited access to a universe of educational material at no additional cost, all in one place.

Access to multiple publishers—more than 40,000 print titles.

Easily order new titles specific to your program from participating publishers.

View inventory and order online with an active eStorefront account.

We Work For You

Whether you are all-in with a forward-thinking digital strategy, building your way towards a transition, or solidifying your physical inventory—we’re here to remove any barriers to your success.

The trusted and reliable hands-on customer service you’ve come to expect from Tennessee Book Company:

Assistance in title research.

Price verification.

Product availability.