Pricing Policies

Returns Policy

Effective January 1, 2010, all product returns must be within twelve months from purchase or we cannot issue credit. This policy change conforms to over 90% of the publishers we represent and will allow us to better manage our inventory and the inventory of our publishers.

To return books to Tennessee Book Company you must have prior authorization. This includes over-stock returns as well as defective and damaged product. To get a return authorization, call Customer Care (800-456-0418, Option 3).

Please have the following information available before calling:

A Return Authorization Number (RA) will be given to you and a copy of the Authorization will be faxed. Please place the RA number on the outside of each carton being returned. It is helpful if you number the cartons in the return shipment (i.e.: 1 of 5, 2 of 5, etc.). You will need to enclose a copy of the Return Authorization, correcting any quantities, if applicable.

Address Returns to Tennessee Book Company, 1550 Heil Quaker Blvd, LaVergne, TN 37086. Do not return via U.S. Postal Service as those shipments are not easily traced. TBC is not liable for returns not received and no credit will be issued for books lost in transit. A request for Return Authorization can also be printed and faxed to (615) 213-9545.

Note: Paperback novels returned at 50% of purchase price.

Helpful Information for Returning Damaged & Defective Product

If your defective or damaged return is greater than 5 cartons, please contact Averitt Express (1-800-251-6730) to arrange pickup and send back collect. If your defective or damaged return is less than 5 cartons, contact Customer Care (1-800-456-0418, Option 3) and a UPS Call Tag will be issued.

It is important to expedite your return of defective books, since your account is invoiced for the replacements shipped. We allow 60 days to receive the defective items and issue credit to your account to offset the invoice for the books replaced. Charges for inbound and outbound freight will be credited as well. If the invoice for the replacements is still open after 60 days, you will be contacted for payment.

Note: UPS will make only 3 attempts to pick up a return.