Official List of Textbooks

Please Read Carefully

  1. Tennessee Book Company is the authorized textbook depository for the State of Tennessee.
  2. Tennessee Book Company's catalogs contain product and pricing subject to long-term contracts between the State of Tennessee and various educational publishers.
  3. This contract pricing is available only to: The State of Tennessee and the schools of the State of Tennessee; or Accredited teachers residing in the State of Tennessee.
  4. To place an order with Tennessee Book Company, you must be able to respond with a "YES" to one of the following:
    a. I am a resident in the state of Tennessee; and
    b. I maintain a mailing address in the State of Tennessee; and
    c. I am an accredited teacher; or
    d. I am placing an order on behalf of a Tennessee school.
  5. If a person or entity outside the State of Tennessee or an unqualified person or entity within the State of Tennessee places an order with Tennessee Book Company without the express permission of Tennessee Book Company and the respective publisher(s), the order will not be processed.

Note: All Catalogs are provided as Adobe PDFs.