Section D Information

This is the Official listing of Textbooks and information for Section D. If you have any questions, please email   Kellie Dumas or 615.213.7938. For Department of Education inquiries please email Tennessee Textbooks.


ED5099 Report of Local Adoption of Textbooks to State & Waiver

5099 & Certificate of Adoption - These forms are used for district adoption choices and are due My 15, 2019.

Wavier Request - Due April 15, 2019 


Course Information 
Categories on Bid Section D    
Category D Reviews
Approved List of Textbooks - This list was approved by State Board of Education on October 19, 2018.
Caravan Information 
Caravan Registration - Caravan is an important part of the adoption process and registration is now closed. If you would like to schedule a caravan date, please email with 3 dates you would like for your to invite publishers to present. Please note, that we will work our best to me your request, but no guarantees.
District Calendar - Assigned district dates.
District Caravan Template - Do Not submit this form until you have been assigned a caravan date.
How to host a successful Caravan - Great information on hosting a caravan stop.


Sample Information 
Sample Request - District Use - Sample Request is now open.
Please click on the link above to access the sample request webpage. Per the Sample Policy each district is allowed up to 6 samples per category. If you would prefer to view samples online, you can access by clicking here.

Sample Results - Publisher Use - This page will be released November 16, 2018 and will be updated every Friday afternoon.  There will not be an update for the Week of November 19.                                     

Publisher Representative Information