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This is the Official listing of Textbooks and information for Section B. If you have any questions, please call Alison Gower at 615-253-3160.

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Categories on Bid Section B
Category B Reviews

Approved Section B - The Tennessee State Board of Education has approved the attached textbooks for use in Section B.

Adoption Information

Adoption Abstract - ED5099 - Be sure to print the instruction page first.


At this time, there will not be a Caravan for Section B. If you would like to request a Publisher Presentation, please contact your Publisher Representative.

Sample Information

Sample Request - District Use
Please click on the link above to access the sample request webpage. Per the Sample Policy each district is allowed up to 6 samples per category. If you would prefer to view samples online, you can access by clicking here.

Sample Results - Publisher Use - This link will become active November 4, 2016. This page will be updated every Friday afternoon.

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