Tennessee Textbook Caravan


Request window is open from 9/12/19 - 11/8/19. Districts will be notified of their assigned date no later than December 13.                                    

For District Caravan Calendar and information on how to submit your detailed publisher schedule. Click Here

What is the Caravan

The Textbook Caravan is a caravan of Publisher Presentations for districts to learn about the textbooks and other instructional materials that were adopted by the State Board of Education.


  • Hear presentations from multiple publishers in one setting
  • Alleviate some of the technical & scheduling burden for your adoption
  • Allows for your committee members to make a more informed decision

About Caravan

For many years, Caravan has given school and district staff the opportunity to review new materials during presentations by participating publishers. With next years al ELA Adoption approaching, Tennessee Book Company is excited to facilitate an opportunity for every district that registers the opportunity to review multiple publisher’s ELA Content in a single, half-day session to aid the districts decision making process surrounding new science content.

The intent of the caravan is to not only alleviate some of the process for local adoptions, but also to give districts and schools equal time with publishers and to ensure high quality materials are available for the classroom. District and school administrators and teachers are encouraged to attend these informative presentations that will be conducted based on the time slot requested.

Why Participate?

This is your district’s opportunity to have publishers share their expertise on their adopted science curriculum in one fell swoop.

No coordination for your district
An opportunity to ask questions about the publisher samples you’ve received
See demonstrations first hand of all materials in which your district is interested allowing committee members to make more informed decisions
Top publishers presentations scheduled at a convenient time for your district
Provide an opportunity for committee members to ask questions to publishers
Interact with publishers regardless if your district is open or closed


Even if you’ve received publisher samples, sign up for a stop on the caravan. There’s nothing like subject matter experts demonstrating their products!