Fuel Your Curriculum With OER

More than a sharing point for your educational ecosystem, our OER platform comes standard with a built-in Content Authoring Tool that gives you the flexibility you need to share, customize, and create targeted OER materials that fit perfectly within your curriculum.

Eliminate the Cost of Specialized Content

If knowledge is freedom, then access to it should be unrestricted.

Teachers are a resource. Give them a simple way to share with the group.

Easily create your own digital educational supplements.

Give students premium, custom classroom material without the added cost.

Educational Content Right in Your Backyard

Why OERs? Because Creating = Sharing = Teaching = Learning

Seamlessly integrate OER with digital textbooks and other learning materials currently in use.

Expand the Educational Experience

An unlimited, multipurpose Content Authoring Tool for educational materials.

Teachers need content too. Create educational guides that tie directly into your curriculums and students’ unique requirements.

Endless possibilities to offer students an enhanced learning experience by remixing and revising materials that drive engagement and classroom discussion.

Let Our Tools Work for You

The only two solutions you need to create a more robust and engaging learning experience for your students.

  • TBC Content Authoring Tool – Create your own digital content and make it available via the Bookshelf platform.
  • Bookshelf – Students can access traditional digital textbooks and materials created by their own teachers, all through one platform.
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